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My life took an unexpected turn in 2011. The birth of my twins triggered a series of incidents that unfolded like a marathon. I was teleported into a maelstrom of stress in a space of about five years. When it was all over, I was forced to look back. What I saw was a beautifully crafted story with many thrills and spills.

After my twins arrived in 2011, family life became hectic. I juggled caring for three toddlers and a dozen other tasks. I was slowly crushed by the weight of daily chores until I found myself frantically looking for help.

Three years later(2014), more fuel was added to the fire. While on my master’s programme in Norway, I discovered I was pregnant with my fourth. I almost ran crazy. With four little kids under 5 years, my studies, my husband working full time and no other human help, I was crumbling emotionally. It dawned on me that I needed God’s help to just remain sane every day.

My thoughts constantly clamoured with reminders of endless chores waiting for me— assignments from school, papers to read, what to prepare for dinner, kids’ school lunches, appointments to keep, the list continues.

I dreamt of chores and woke up to chores. It was a nightmare getting from morning to night so I became impatient.

As I cried to the Lord for a change one day, the Lord gently reminded me; the answer hasn’t changed.  I finally resorted to carving out time early every day to meditate on God’s word and plan my day. Before long, this new habit of spending quality time with God each morning dramatically changed me. It made the difference between my being nice and being a monster. It helped me develop ears to hear God and do what He instructs.

Slowly and gradually, God became more real to me. I began to see tangible victories in many areas of my life. I was thrilled to see that each victory propelled me to trust God some more. Excitedly, I started documenting and paying attention to what God was doing in my life and in the lives of others. As I shared these victories with friends, many were encouraged and challenged. Since the stories inspired, encouraged and helped many friends and relatives, I thought, “Why not start a blog to encourage many more?” It’s such a delight to bring you inspiring, encouraging and faith-filled stories.

Remain blessed!