What if We Stopped for the One?

How would we live our lives if we realized that we carried in us pieces of answers to people’s problems?
What if we deliberately decide to notice people’s pain? What if our plans occasionally get interrupted? Would it mean something to us that stopping for the “one” might pull them, a step closer to the father’s love?

In Christ We Have Access To All We Need; Are We Maximizing the Benefits?

Why are many Christians broken and beaten up in life? Some are battered in the workplace, in relationships, in finances, in marriage, in career, and in many other areas. I shudder to think that the Christian life is a drag for many of us. If this is true, why is it so? What could possibly be the reason? Please read more in blog

Releasing Control; the secret to living in peace

When we lived in Norway, we had this close family friend. We didn’t have to make any extreme arrangements before inviting them to our house. I didn’t have to turn my house upside down in a panic to make the house perfect for their visit. We knew each other’s...