3 Simple Habits that Increases Your Productivity

3 Simple Habits that Increases Your Productivity

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For 84% of people unfortunately, this year will be yet another year that their goals will fall through —unreached health goals, unwritten books, unachieved dreams, unsung songs, unpublished poems, and unexecuted business ideas.

In this blog post, I share 3 very simple habits to adopt this year to achieve remarkable results.

3 Simple Habits that Increases Your Productivity

3 Simple Habits for a Productive Year


“Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap. “Ecclesiastes 11:4


Are you tired of making resolutions with no results?

Research shows that only 16% of people follow through with their resolutions. Most people give up within 1-6 weeks of beginning their new goals.

For 84% of people unfortunately, this year will be yet another year that their goals will fall through —unreached health goals, unwritten books, unachieved dreams, unsung songs, unpublished poems, and unexecuted business ideas.

I’m concerned that the only excitement majority of us will ever enjoy is the joy of thinking of how grand our idea was. The thrill of explaining how revolutionary the business is, and the eagerness of calculating how much the venture would fetch. Then sadly getting to the end of the day and the next and then the next month, realizing we’ve been replicating words like later, tomorrow, not now, not in the mood, I don’t feel like. Or we realize, at the end of today, January, the 1st quarter or December that we have nothing to show. Nothing. But great desires and mighty businesses that never took shape.

Determination and consistency are crucial to achieving your goals. To achieve your goals this year, you must incorporate a habit that ignites your determination and consistency.

Moreso, Pareto principle, or the law of the vital few, states that roughly 80% of outcomes come from 20% of causes. By extension, this means that a 20% change in a vital few habits  ( keystone habits)  can cause an 80% change of outcome.

Therefore,  for you and I to finally escape running around the endless resolution circle, consider these 3 Rs of productivity and fulfillment. These three Rs will supercharge your determination and consistency and help you produce your desired results.

  1. Review
  2. Renew
  3. Ramify/ Radiate


Start each day with a REVIEW. Review means assessing, appraising, examining, and evaluating the subject.

Start by appraising your life, whether it’s a new day or a new year. There’s no way to be better if you keep repeating the same mistakes. Reviewing the previous day, week or year helps you gain perspective and learn from experience. It enables you to identify important patterns that bump your progress. Review your life by looking at your:

  • Benefits
  • Behavior / Habits
  • Planned projects/Goals
  • Different composites of your life —finance, Academics, parenting, relationships, health, etc.


i. Review Benefits

As people of faith, we agree that all we have belongs to God. Starting our day, week, and year by thanking God for today, yesterday, and the future positions us to receive the new benefits of the day ( Psalm 68:19). Like a  blank slate, we welcome the chance to engage the help of God. We accept the strength to try again.


Acknowledging God for your life, health, resources, family, and mind establishes your trust in Him; it also gives your joy. Developing a heart that sees the goodness of God in your life brings wholeness and completeness (Luke 17:17-18). Despite the failures of the past, the difficulty of today, or the bleakness of tomorrow, God’s joy is the only thing that strengthens you and gives you hope.

ii. Review Behaviour, Habits, and Processes


Ephesians 4: 22.  says to strip yourselves of your former nature  ( put off and discard your old unrenewed self), which characterizes your previous manner of life and becomes corrupt through lusts and desires that spring from delusion.

We cannot strip off if we do not look within to notice that some things need to be stripped off.


As Christians possessing the Spirit of truth according to John 16:13, He not only tells us the truth about God, but the Holy Spirit also convicts us of our wrongs. He shows us our habits and attitudes that get us stuck.

 Read here my hidden selfishness revealed I looked within

Review can take the form of morning meditation. You are quietening your spirit and mind before your creator and asking Him to show you, you. Let God’s Word be the mirror to show you your inefficient processes and the ways you waste time.


More than you talk in the presence of God, listen. Could it be fear, excuses, procrastination, lack of motivation, laziness or low esteem stalling you?   Ask the Holy Spirit to point out the areas you need to adjust. Make time every day, preferably in the morning, to worship Him, thank Him and review your daily processes. Also have a writing pad with you


The SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) bible study method is a great way to use God’s Word to address specific areas of your life. Download your Free SOAP template here. 

iii. Review Goals and Projects          


Commit to your goals and plans to God’s hands (Proverbs 3:5). Planning means setting in definite terms how and when you intend to accomplish your plans.

Use tools like Calendars, To-do lists, Onenote Evernote to recall commitments and tasks.

Then ask yourself some questions.

  • How did you do with your previous goals/ projects?
  • To what extent did you meet or not meet your goals?
  • If you met your goals, what did you learn?
  • If you didn’t, what hindered you?
    • Did you underestimate the work needed,
    • Did you underestimate the time required?
    • Was it inadequacy of competency
    • Efficiency issues
    • Lack of focus
    • Chasing too many goals?

Setting SMART goals can help you clarify your goals. Check out this post to learn how to implement SMART goals. You can also download our free SMART goals template.

iv. Review Different Composites of  Your Life

Review your finances, career, relationships, word life, prayer life, character, health, and mind. Excelling in the different aspects of your life contributes to the overall success of your life.

  • Are the different areas of your life growing?
  • If they aren’t, why?
  • What could you do?
  • What steps do you need to take?
  • Do you need to learn?
  • Cut out some time-wasting activities?

Consistency is key. You may need to review some aspects of your life daily; others you can check weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Just as a person on board a plane begins to see patterns forming as the plane ascends, reviewing elevates you, helping you see wrong thinking patterns, counterfeit words, and time and money thieves. You’ll begin to see the negligence and complacency that stalls your growth.



Renew brings to mind ideas of cleaning, restoring to freshness, refreshing, and replacing the old with the new.

Ephesians 4: 23 tells us to be renewed in the spirit of our minds. This means there has to be a shift in our thinking. We will get yesterday’s results if we use yesterday’s mindset today. God’s Word has a plethora of transformative mindsets we must put on every day to be productive spiritually, in parenting, in finances, or in relationships.

Renewal entails replacing your wrong habits and mindset already identified during the review  — complacency, inconsistency, fear of failure, fear of people, doubt, impatience— and replacing them with what the Bible says is the correct disposition.

Start the renewing process from your heart (spiritual life), where all other issues spring from ( Proverbs 4:23), but don’t end there. Renewing should also spread into other areas like business,  academics, and friendships. Renewal entails learning new things to be up to date. Refresh your mind with updated information about your trade

Consistently renewing your mind is critical because it will fuel your determination by connecting the new habits/mindset to your why (God-given vision).

Consistency is what makes an average person excellent. Just as you feed every day to remain strong, you must renew your minds every day to keep you passionate about your goals. Set daily times to renew your mind in the Word. Refresh your knowledge regularly for your career and business, like reading two parenting books every year, reading a book related to your career every quarter, watching informational videos, and attending lectures and webinars. The idea is to do whatever you need to replace old stale processes with current practices, and you’ll always find the strength to soar above any negative self-thought or a lack of motivation.


Renewing our minds is like cleaning a water pipe; it allows God’s ability and competence to flow freely. This is how you and I can multiply, fulfill, and dominate the Earth as God intended us.

Read Amaka’s story about how renewing her mind enabled her overcome  negative mindsets during her studies.



You have set up a routine to identify inefficient processes, and you have set up a method of exchanging the old with the new; now is the time to use the renewed mind —updated thinking pattern to be productive.

Ramify invokes ideas such as

  • Spreading out,
  • Branching out,
  • Reach out further
  • Growing and developing in complexity or range
  • Multiply and distribute more work

The goals you have set, this is the time to put the hand to the plow to

  • Bring to execution
  • Take the steps required
  • Do even when you don’t feel like
  • Produce often
  • Do it today, do it the next, and do it the day after

Here’s the time to design a system to assign time to your task. Block out time for your task, define your goal, and set a deadline. As previously mentioned, the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely )goal technique is beneficial in helping you achieve your goals.

Learn how to use the SMART goal template

Finally, don’t forget to routinize your actions.

Set up regular and specific times,  daily or weekly, when you’ll roll up your sleeves and do work.

Research shows that completing work increases motivation. So develop a habit of completing work by routinizing the steps of Reviewing, Renewing, and Ramifying daily to quickly capture your self-destructive habits, replace them with new ones, and produce work toward your goals.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Have a productive day!


SOAP Bible Study Method + FREE SOAP Printables

SOAP Bible Study Method + FREE SOAP Printables

Are you too busy to spend quality time with God every day?

Like many people, I was busy.

My life was a whirlwind from 2013 through 2016.

With an ongoing  Master’s degree and four kids, including twin toddlers, and a baby, I grappled to keep all the plates spinning.

I was often pressed for time, short on sleep and constantly walked on a treadmill of chores. However, the faster the plates spun, the faster my impatience grew.


Until one day,  an incident changed my life.

That Autumn morning, I scurried into the kitchen as I always did, juggling to feed my four kids before I would hastily ship them off to kindergarten. I would have then rushed off to the train station, so I wouldn’t miss the train that took me to my school, the University of Oslo, Norway.

That fateful day, in the middle of that busy morning, my oldest daughter — around age  6 or 7 at the time — flopped her hands and spilled her cup of milk onto the floor.

Now, at this point, steam was pretty much coming out of my ears. A few minutes I waste and I’ll miss my train.  I hate to admit it. but without thinking,  I lashed out like a mad woman.  And I spanked my daughter.


A mountain of guilt haunted me over the next few days. How did I become this surly and irritable mother?

That was when I knew things had to change. I finally heeded the Lord’s prodding to prioritize daily meditations in the Word. To meditate first thing every day even if my house was dripping with chores.

Read Amaka’s Story of How God Helped Her Through a Tough Study

That time was when I discovered and started using the SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer) bible study method. I devoted 30 minutes daily to studying the scriptures.  As I meditated daily I improved in three (3) striking ways.

  1. I learned more about God and myself, and I maximized my time.
  2. Impulsiveness reduced, as I processed my thoughts and emotions better.
  3. I became a lot more focused, structured, and efficient in my other responsibilities.

That’s why in this blog post, I share below an example of the SOAP bible study method  + FREE
SOAP printable resource (Bottom).

See the infographics below ( click the infographic and the next arrow for the 2nd page)


I pray that this blog inspires you to prioritize God’s word every day. Opt-in below on this page or click here to receive your FREE SOAP Printables.

Is it True Once Saved Always Saved?

Is it True Once Saved Always Saved?

One Bill Foster, a denominational preacher in the 1950s, stated in March 1952 of the Weekly Informer. He said, “If I killed my wife and mother and debauched a thousand women, I couldn’t go to hell.” He proceeded to say, “I couldn’t go to Hell if I wanted to.”

Inside this blog, we examine the questions like:

  • Is once saved always saved?
  • Does it matter what I do even though I am righteous?
  • Since I’m righteous, will I go to heaven regardless of what I do?



It is true, we established in our last blog post that we are righteous in Christ even when we sin.  But does it mean we can do whatever we want and not be held accountable? Is once saved always saved? Are there things we do or don’t do to endanger our salvation?


Bill Foster alongside other proponents of the ‘Once Saved Always Saved’ doctrine believes that the righteousness of Christ is without repentance (Romans 11:29) and because the righteousness of God is a gift that is not earned with works. Once a person is saved, they are always saved.  What do you think? Is this scripturally sound?


In this blog post, I share what I’m learning in the form of four (4) statements drawn from scriptures. These questions both test and substantiate a professing Christian’s eternal salvation.


Can you and I do whatever we like because we are righteous in Christ? Paul answers this question in Romans 6 :1. He asks, “Shall we continue in sin that God’s kindness and grace will increase? What a terrible thought! Certainly not

“Don’t you realize” Paul continues in verse 15 “that grace frees you to choose your own master?


Therefore, the first question.

1. Who is your Master, Sin or Obedience?

For if you choose to love sin, it will become your master and it will own you and reward you with death. But if you choose to love and obey God, He will lead you into perfect righteousness. The devil is the father of those who choose to continue in their sin John 8:44.


2. Is faith expressing itself in love?


What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them?  Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food.  If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?  In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not acted upon, is dead. James 2:14 -17


Also if someone says, “I love God yet hate a brother, he is a liar. For if we don’t love people we can see, how can we love God, whom we cannot see? 1 John 4:20.


Would you love a person and not want to please them? Would you love God and not want to please Him? Jesus says, “If you love me, you will keep my commands”. John 14:15. Therefore, our love walk gives credence to our faith talk. Yes, we are already righteous; legally speaking, however, our actions prove if we really believe this.


3. Is there a Desire to Grow?


A guy I met last week said, “I know that God is forgiving. I sin and just keep asking God for forgiveness” As we conversed, I realized, this guy implied he could continue to sin as long as he keeps asking God for forgiveness.

However, 1 Peter 3:15 specifically points out:

“But in your hearts set Christ apart [as holy—acknowledging Him, giving Him first place in your lives] as Lord.

King James translates it this way: But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts. As I ponder this verse, I  learn that you and I must make a practice to always revere and honour God in our hearts. Yes, God forgives us when we fall into sin and when we repent and ask for forgiveness. But carelessly offending God to ask God for forgiveness is presumptuous. Presumptuous sin assumes the mercy that God gave yesterday is what He’ll give today. When we do this, we deny the Lord Jesus (James 1:4)  Presumptuous sin is fatal.


“When you stop growing,” William S. Burroughs said, “ you start dying.” Hence, the moment we accept Jesus as our saviour, the next thing we ought to do is to commit to daily growing. It’s a call to commit to daily making Jesus our Lord.


No wonder Peter tells us to desire the pure milk of the Word so we may grow thereby. (1 Peter 2:2) Growing entails increasing in our knowledge of God, and of God’s Word. It means pressing in to grow in character, and in the love of God. As we grow in the Word, we come to know God’s character and His nature.  And because we know God, our love for Him will increase and we’ll want to please Him some more.


On the other hand, spiritual laziness leads to spiritual dullness and indifference towards God and His people. Those people will not inherit God’s promises according to Hebrew 6:12


4. Am I Bearing fruit?


Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more according to John 15:6.

Jesus continues in vs 15: “The one who remains in Me and I in him will bear much fruit.  For apart from me you can do nothing.”


To remain in God means to abide in the Word, to make quality time to feed our Spirit. Like a student preparing for a life exam, we must study, meditate, and ponder the words of the scriptures so we can faithfully love God and excellently serve our families, and our communities.

Consistently remaining in the Word results in an abundance of the fruits of Love: Joy, Peace, Joy,  patience,… (Galatians 5:22). We will not be bankrupt in good works too. ( Ephesians 2:10)



Consequently, the gift of righteousness is not an excuse to continue to sin. Just as an elevator ease upward motion, in the same way, the gift of righteousness equips us to do good. God’s righteousness ignites a desire in us to be accountable before men and God.


The righteous are those who fed the hungry, invited strangers in, gave water to the thirsty, clothed the poor and visited those in prison ( Matthew 25:31-46). They are the sheep who not only declared Jesus as their saviour but who also made Jesus, the Lord of their time, their money, and their resources.


Yes, salvation introduces us to the righteousness of God, but our obedience to God, our desire to grow, our faith expressed through love and our fruits of love are what authenticates our confession.

So, no! Once saved is not always saved. Once saved must always keep submitting to the Lordship of Jesus until He comes.








My Flight, Pressure and Uncertainties; Four (4) Ways We Can Trust God In Uncertainties In Life.

My Flight, Pressure and Uncertainties; Four (4) Ways We Can Trust God In Uncertainties In Life.

On July 8th, 2022, our long-envisioned trip finally arrived.  Our move from Canada to California, USA was right in front of us. With excitement, we scurried to find our seats on the plane; eagerly waiting for our plane to take off. 

kids’ happy voices drifted across the aisle, as they chattered, pretending to be video recording their experience. Soon the plane started moving and we began peering through the plane’s window; wowing and aweing at the breathtaking patterns forming down below. From the refreshments on the plane to the reverie of a new life in America, the one without snow, our three-hour trip was splendid, exciting, and thrilling. Until a little while later, it wasn’t.


As the plane descended, I started feeling some pressure. A steady vibration in my ears; like a bell clanging inside my eardrum. Beside me lay my daughter, slouched on her seat and half asleep. I tried to hold back my tears as I felt my brain about to explode.

Just then, like the sudden attack of an armed band, my daughter gave out a loud wail. Throwing her hands out in the air and mouth wide open, “Help me, help me!” she screamed. The humming noise of the plane muffled the shout.

“Help! my ears, my ears, the scream continued. Clearly, all suggestions to yawn or chew did not bring her any relief. Next, the cry cranked up. “Make it stop! Make it stop!” The aching pain and screeching persisted for the next 15 minutes. Thankfully, we landed safely. However, the pain, drama, and distress of our landing experience almost sucked out the joy of our entire flight.

Well, thinking back now; in the thrill of our trip, I forgot that plane landing isn’t always as much fun as its take-off. Similarly, in life’s journey, our flight often starts out beautifully until life takes a gradual or a sudden swivel.

We transition to seasons that leave us disoriented, clueless, or incapable. From health issues to financial issues; losing a job to losing a loved one; from being single to being espoused, or from married to divorced; uncertainty, they say is the only certainty. 


Though life drips with uncertainty or troubles (John 16:33). “We are also certain that the path of the righteous shines brighter and brighter until the perfect day according to Proverbs 4: 18.

And while my unpleasant ear pain lasted for about 20 minutes with no life-shattering result, life’s pain usually lasts longer. Like the agonizing pressure in my ear, the pressures of life startle and besiege us with doubts.

They permeate other aspects of life and suck our joy and strength. How then do we ensure that amidst shock, and pain, our lives can still shine and reflect the glory of God? How can we intercept the downward loop?

I am convinced that the accuracy of what/who we trust and the depth of our trust determines how well our lives reflect God’s glory at difficult moments and subsequently.

Presently, I’m in a new season of life where I’m transitioning to being a stay-at-home mom; after a long period of a regimented 9-5 work life.

I have new and uncertain issues like; being on one steady family income; maximizing my time and talents; knowing where and how to serve in a local church; navigating the nuances of kids’ new school and school culture.

Perhaps like me, you find yourself in an uncertain, stressful, or awkward situation as well. I hear the Lord saying to you and me. “Trust me!” Set your gaze on me and don’t run from pillar to post. So, for the rest of this writing, I’ll focus on the four (4) ways we can trust God in difficult times.


Before we proceed, let’s ponder what trust in God really is.

To trust God is to have a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, and strength of God. This is 100% confidence that God is able and willing to help you and me in that struggle.

Four Ways to Trust God in Uncertainties of Life


1. Let God Be Your First Resort

Kenneth Hagin once said, “You are always right when you do the first things first”

Who or what do we first think of when we face challenges? Do we think of friends, a spouse, parents, a pastor, books, or Google?

Friends, spouses, parents or Google may carry a portion of knowledge, but only God is Omniscient —All-knowing.

Yes, we may need to gain certain skills, and be informed, however, consulting all others should come after we have enlisted the help of the Almighty, the source of all Wisdom.

Jeremiah 17:5 says “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the LORD. He will be like a bush in the wastelands; he will not see prosperity when it comes. He will dwell in the parched places of the desert, in a salt land where no one lives.”

Basically, anything/ any person that we look up to will not stand the test of time. Only God, the Holy Spirit — who knows our strengths, weaknesses, specific situations, and life purpose can instruct us on how to best apply the body of knowledge for our best result. 

Read here in Omotayo’s story, How He Learned This Truth The Hard Way.

Practical Ways to Seek God:

  • Prioritize and carve out time for daily devotions with God

  •  Set apart special times or days to seek God in fasting and praying to understand God’s plans for you.

  •  Turn off distractions (social media, phones) to be still in God’s presence and to worship Him

  • Locate related materials (books, videos) in areas of need and exert energy in building up your faith.

In that job situation, life-threatening sickness, or in studies; before we plan, or consult others, let’s take time to seek God. And let’s seek Him early through prayer and the Word(Psalm  63:1). In developing a habit of hearing God, we set a pattern of our lives to always align with God’s will.

 Trusting God in Uncertainties of Life

2.   Engage God’s Instructions and Follow Through


“A faith that makes God responsible for everything in your life is not a responsible faith.” — David Oyedepo

For many years, I struggled with maths. Now, one of my daughters also struggles with maths. I observed her attitude toward math, and I finally realized that like me, she often ignores the simple instructions that would have led to the correct answer.

She’ll sometimes want to guess the answer even without putting pen to paper. Many complex math problems won’t simplify without actively engaging the instructions at different steps.

Similarly, many life complexities won’t simplify without actively engaging the creator’s specific instructions.  When we come to God in prayer, He will often instruct our hearts. As we carefully engage those instructions — regarding finances, health challenges, relational issues, or studies — we prove our faith.

For we cannot say that we have faith when we do not prove it by our actions (James 2: 14-17). Even bible characters like Naaman, Abraham, Moses, and Noah, who faced difficulty received instruction at strategic points in their lives. Only as they diligently heeded God’s instructions did they overcome their storms. 

What are you anxious about? Have you developed an attitude of seeking God? Has God instructed you? Have you engaged His instructions?  As we do what the Holy Spirit instructs us, whether to fast, forgive, sow a seed, or just to wait; we commit God to act through our obedience.

Here’s Amaka’s story of How Through Simple Instruction, God Provided Financially To Offset Debt 

Some indexes to measure your trust level

  •  How promptly do we obey God?  “And Abraham rose up early the next morning to go kill his son” Gen. 22:3
  • Do we engage or ignore those seemingly strange requests of God?
  • Why should Naaman dip himself seven (7) times in the river Jordan?” 2 Kings 5:1-15.
  • Why river Jordan and not a river in Syria?

Practical Steps to Trusting God

  1.     Before you study the word or Pray, ask the Lord to speak to you
  2.     In personal or corporate worship/prayer, have a notebook beside you to note down God’s instructions. You show in this way that you’re expecting God to speak to you, and He will. This also helps you make God’s instructions definite.
  3.     Keep being in the word and in prayer. In His presence, we receive strength to act on His instructions. (Philippians 2:13).

3.     Be Consistent

Jericho’s wall did not fall on the 1st-day march nor the 2nd- day march but until the seventh day and only after the seventh march and a long blast (Joshua 6: 1- 20).

Naaman’s skin did not get healed on his 1st dip in the river Jordan nor on the 2nd or on the 3rd dip in the river.

He only got healed after his 7th dip (2 Kings 5: 1-15). As a result, we may not experience fullness in that pending difficulty unless we, through the strength of God, consistently obey. For, if the clouds are full of rain, they empty themselves on the earth” — Ecclesiastes 11:3.

In my own life, many times, I’ll eagerly set out in obedience. However, as my feelings subside, I’ll begin to slack. This isn’t God’s best for us.

For It is not the one time or the two times that we obey that establishes God’s best in that issue — in marriage, parenting, or finances. It is our habit of obedience and our consistency. Our complete obedience justifies God to punish all injustice that befalls us (2 Corinthians 10:6).

Here’s Taiwo’s story of How God Provided Money And a Job Through a Season of Consistency.


4.    Having Done All Else, Stand!

Does trusting God exempt us entirely from a harsh, hard or difficult flight? Does it mean things will always work as we planned? I don’t believe so.

  • Have you ever wondered, “Why Moses didn’t enter the promised land amidst his faithfulness?

  • “Why did Job lose all his possessions, his business, his children, and his servants in one day despite his integrity?

  • “Why did Lazarus die even though Jesus, the Healer, was His friend?

  • “Why didn’t John the Baptist get delivered from Prison? Why was he beheaded, even after ushering the deliverer of the universe into the world?

  • “Why did Jesus, the saviour of the whole Universe, with all His power and ability not save himself?”


Well, you may say that Moses did not enter because of anger and that Job later regained his possessions and children. You wouldn’t be wrong if you answered Lazarus resurrected back to life, and that Jesus rose from the dead. 

More so, from John the Baptist’s life, we can intelligently say that God’s silence does not always mean that we missed God. However, the only reason you would answer this way is that you now know the full story.

The curtain of history opened, and we peeped to see the whole picture. In like manner, a full stop hasn’t punctuated our lives yet. So we may sometimes be puzzled just as these heroes and their relatives would have been.  


In addition, like Mary and Martha, when God seems silent as we watch loved ones suffer in sickness,  when we see a friend, suffer the loss of their spouse; when we see kids orphaned at such a young age, you may ask, “God where are you?” you feel horribly disappointed; you feel maligned, hurt, and even forgotten.

This is the time to consider that in God’s silence, He still speaks. God brings us to a deeper level of love and intimacy. At the very right time, the Lord showed Mary a deep level of intimacy and His power that wasn’t revealed to anyone at that time.

He proved to them He was the resurrection and the life ( John 11:25). Yes, while it seemed time had gone by, opportunities had been missed; a brother had been lost, God’s glory still shone in Mary and Martha’s lives.

Therefore, you and I will have a safe landing at our destinations. We will shine until the perfect day as we habitually seek God first, engage his instructions, and consistently submit to Him. For even in death, He is our resurrection and our life (John 11:25).

Read here in Hepzibah’s story, how God revived a dying hope and life. 

  Some Questions to Gauge Our Trust In God

  • Have you stopped believing in God?

  • Are you actively meditating on the word?
  • Are you actively declaring God’s word over the situation?

  • Are you still having fellowship with other spiritually-minded Christians?

  • Have your communication/ prayers weakened?



Share your thoughts with us.


Easter! What Comes To Your Mind?

Easter! What Comes To Your Mind?

What comes to mind when you think of Easter?

When I think of Easter, I think of…
An incomparable exchange
I think the greatest interception of all times
I think the life of One for All; the blood of the Master for the slaves
I think the celebration of the life we have received.

You see, indomitable kingdoms have reigned
Lionhearted men have stomped territories
Impressive orators have led revolutions
And humanitarian leaders have dazzled the face of the earth
Yet none surrendered themselves

Unimaginable would a king ever surrender the heir to the throne
Unfathomable would the mighty lay down the sword —for the feeble
Unheard of, would the innocent die for the guilty
Still, only Him dared

He is…Unmatched in His giving and unequalled in His love
Unbeatable in might and unassailable in splendour

The only saviour and Lord who rules and reigns forever
Willingly surrendered Himself on the cross

At Easter, I recall that Jesus died so that we may live our lives to the very fullest.
I’m reminded that…Of His fullness we all have received —grace, strength, wisdom, ability, and boldness —grace heaped upon grace. (John 1:16)

Think about it! That from the very source of life Himself, the very spring of wisdom, forgiveness, creativity, inspiration; we have direct access to firsthand grace, forgiveness, wisdom, inspiration… Isn’t that amazing?

And that our dreams remain not only dreams.

But dreams now morphing into wellsprings, bringing hope, nourishment, and healing to the nations.

When I think Easter, I think of life, resurrection, and hope; I think of dreams coming to life again.
And in speaking of dreams, I am beyond elated to share a release of my debut, a song the Lord put in my mouth.  To be released on Easter Sunday. God is greatly to be praised, Indeed!

Check out the video here