How God Spared My Father’s Life—Amaka’s Story

How God Spared My Father’s Life—Amaka’s Story

This time of the year as I sit back to reflect on my life, I can’t help but recall how God miraculously spared my father’s life in 2017.

It was thick darkness. A man I barely recognized was dragging a piece of material with my father. They both pulled this thing for what seemed like forever. Fidgeting, I watched this struggle occur beside a gaping hole which this man was ferociously trying to push one of my siblings into. I Shriveled in fear at what might happen to my father. My feet glued to the ground as the chills ran down my spine, and… behold, I opened my eyes. Ah! It was all a dream.

In real life though, my dad had been involved in an age-long controversy over some land with some of his kin. I understood from the dream that what I had seen was related to that controversy. I woke up knowing that something terrible might happen. I called my father and asked him about the land. I asked him to pl-e-a-s-e make peace, and resolve the issue.


More Death Dreams

Some months had gone by, and again,  I had another dream that my dad died and my mom was in deep grief. Seeing how critical this is getting, I Immediately called my five sisters. We agreed to pray and fast for my dad.  Not wanting to frighten my dad by my dreams, I told him to be prayerful and careful. My sisters and I fasted and prayed and believed that God had heard us.

 Yet again, I had another horrible dream. This time around, my mum and dad were out of town. In guarding my parent’s house, a wise elder in my hometown sent his son to give me a message. The message says, “ Inform your father to set his home in order for he is going to die”. I woke up soaked in perspiration.  I was in utter despair and confusion and my mind was spinning a million and one questions.


Your Dad will die in 7 days

To add a cup of glaze over the confusion,  my younger sister called me a couple of weeks later. In a frantic tone,  she cascaded a gloomy prophecy she heard. “My husband went to his hometown” she narrated, “ And decided to visit his longtime friend who was a man of God. the man of God  vividly described our father, his family and the recent occurrences in our family.” He went on to say that my dad had recently lost his brother and was currently burying him ( which was accurate). He now said that my father’s life was in danger. That some close relative wanted him dead. He added that my dad was going to die in seven days if we did nothing. This man instructed that my father should bring some soil from the family home and come to see him for prayers. These words were swirling through my head at lightning speed. “Oh, not again.” I groaned.


Is this Prophesy from God?

Totally freaking out! my sister persuaded me that we needed to act urgently. “ Dad must go see this prophet immediately along with everything he requested” she beckoned.  At first, I tried to dismiss the idea as a lie from the pit of hell, but  I was stunned by the degree of accuracy of his description of recent events. “Is this truly from God? But why should we bring some soil from the family home? Should my father go see him?” I had zillion questions. But at that moment, I remembered something the late John Paul Jackson once said: “ Peace is the potting soil for revelation”. Trying to make sense of what I heard. Just then, as in a whisper, I heard in my spirit “ Familiar Spirits”.  Familiar spirits? What on earth could they be?

Plunging unto google, I searched for familiar spirits. I found an article online  that talked  about familiar spirits in the church. The writer of that post went on to say that many prophetic voices in the church are disguised voices of the enemy. That gave me temporary relief.

Meanwhile, at my house, there was so much clamour about going to see this man of God. My sisters were on my neck to approve this dangerous escapade. In fact, even my dad was fearfully preparing to go see this prophet. There was an urgent need for us to act, but deep within me, I felt this fear wasn’t from God.


My Friend Asks Me Thought-provoking Questions

 Feeling hedged in, I asked God  “ What do you want me to do?”  We have prayed. We have fasted. Do we have to go to this prophet?  But you also hear our prayers. Besides, you said, “Whatever is not from faith is sin” ( Romans 14:23). In my turmoil, I asked my precious friend what she thought. I will never forget!  She asked me my deep convictions. Her many thought-provoking questions dug up my staunch beliefs about consulting said people to find answers (yes, I believe God gives instructions to his servants about issues, but for some unknown reasons, I couldn’t get myself into agreeing with this prophet’s instructions). But this phrase from my friend was the last straw that kept me resolute in my decision. “ Maybe God is testing you to see how convinced you are of your conviction”

 Hearing that response and seeing the hideous crimes many so-called prophets have rained on families, I was being careful to fall into error. I wanted  God’s will at all cost. With a fast again, I turned my face to the wall like king Hezekiah (2 Kings 20:1-11) and pleaded with the Lord for mercy. I repented a million times for my father and asked the Lord to spare his life, however, he may have deserved death. I promised God, I would publish this story if he spared my father’s life. After much deliberation and praying, I instructed my father to go nowhere but to only fix his eyes on God.

Dear friends, It’s way over one year now, and my father is very well and alive. Hallelujah!

Glory, Glory to God!


”I will glory in the Lord; let the afflicted hear and rejoice. I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame” (Psalm 34:2-5).

This is my Testimony. Hallelujah!


Some of the Things I Learned

1. Yes, we may be ignorant about some things, but I realized God honors our faith when we apply His Words we already know especially when we are desperately wanting to please Him.

2. We cannot overemphasize the importance of godly counsel in the grey areas of our lives; we are blessed to seek godly counsel from seasoned saints who we know to walk with the Lord. (Psalm 1:1)

3. Sometimes God does not answer yes or no, He expects us to use the scriptures we know to discern His will for our situation

4. Fear is never from God. God may send a warning dream, but the interpretation, declaration and application of the word may be subject to human error if we do not carefully compare it against the ways of God.

5. There are prophets and there are “prophets” how do we know which is which?

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me according to John 10:27-28. Diligently training ourselves in the word helps us recognize when an outlier is speaking.

6. In troubled times, we must set our minds on the Prince of Peace to receive revelation. The word:  “He keeps in Perfect Peace whose mind is stayed on Him” — (Isaiah 26:3) was one scripture I held tightly unto during this fierce windstorm.


I am forever grateful to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ!

My Life Before and After Drugs; How God Saved My Life—Rob’s Story

My Life Before and After Drugs; How God Saved My Life—Rob’s Story

I was probably fourteen (14) the first time I smoked pot.  As a teenager, I became involved with a group of kids who experimented with drugs. We would gather together for fun and smoke dope or do harder drugs like LSD or MDA. Most weekends we would have parties that often involved doing drugs, drinking and listening to music.  This eventually led me to use needles to get high.

One night, I had decided to take things to a higher level, so I filled two needles with MDA and shot them at the same time. “It was powerful.” I thought.

Many nights, as I look back now, I recall my friends trying to take my drugs away from me. I won’t forget one particular night I woke up after a dramatic drug experience, my friends called me aside and told me how I’d scared them. They said I’d gone too far and asked what was wrong with me.  As I walked home that morning, I recounted my foolishness and began to consider what I’d done.  I said to myself “I could have died, how could I be so stupid?”

It was there that something extraordinary happened: I heard this voice, a startling voice that said, “Yes you could have died, but I didn’t let you because I have a purpose for your life.” I was sure someone came up behind me and said this because it felt so real. However, when I turned around, I was all alone; this scared me even more and left a lasting bang in my life.


Shortly after this incident, I stopped doing hard drugs but smoked occasionally; thankfully, I was never addicted to drugs.


We were not staunch Christians, but we sometimes attended a United Church just a few blocks from our home. The time came when my family decided to move from Edmonton (Canada) to Calgary, to pursue a business opportunity.  Meanwhile, I remained alone in Edmonton.

After about a year my parents moved, my family was struck by a severe tragedy; my youngest brother was accidentally killed.  That was probably the lowest point of my life.

“My brother’s death was an opportunity for me to leave Edmonton; a chance to leave the negative influences in Edmonton and start all over again”.

I eventually joined my parents in Calgary and soon became friends with a boy whose parents were friends of my parents.  He and his parents were Christians and there was something striking about him that drew me to him.  I think his family may have been trying to lead us to Christ.

As a direct result of my brother’s death, we began attending a church nearby to seek comfort. During this time, I went through a time of soul searching and exploring other faiths.  I read the Bible and the book of Mormon. Finally, I rejected the book of Mormon but continued to read the Bible occasionally.

One day, someone invited me to hear a young evangelist speak at a church we attended occasionally.  It was there that I heard the gospel clearly spoken. Thus, I decided to ask Jesus to forgive me and come into my life. I felt weird and quite confused as people hugged me.

The young evangelist told me that I needed to read the Bible and attend church so that I can grow.  This marked the start of my journey. Thank God! That journey has taken me a long way through many challenges and amazing experiences in my quest to know Christ more intimately.


Reasons to Quit the Drugs and Alcoholism

The flashbacks I experienced when I overdosed on LSD: These flashbacks were magnified when I smoked dope, and they terrified me.

Often I was awakened in the night with my heart beating furiously, and I would hear noises in my mind. It sounds like a massive wind-up machine that would release once it reached optimum strength.

Hereafter, I would see hallucinations as if I were stoned on LSD again. I was afraid the horrible feelings would never go away.Click To Tweet

Drugs entrap!!

When I started doing drugs, it was for fun; but apparently, there were risks that far outweighed the rewards.

Why Christians Need to Pray for Unbelievers

Looking back now, I wondered if anyone was praying for me to come to the Lord. The only one I could think of was maybe my grandmother. (My father’s mom). Although she never told me, and we never discussed spiritual matters, she was perhaps the only one I knew who attended church.

Paraphrasing 2 Corinthians 5: 14-15, We who have received the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ have a grave responsibility to no longer live for ourselves. But instead to be compelled by God’s love to witness, care for and pray for those around us who may be making bad choices.

The fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available (James 5:16)


My Advice to Anyone Contemplating Drugs

Drugs seem fun initially, but they momentarily become hazardous. Due to my foolishness, I became infected with hepatitis C. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered this.  At the time there was no cure; it was only last year that I received a costly treatment. Thank God! My liver was getting to a dangerous place, it could have killed me.

Motivated by My Past

Once I became a Christian, I was stirred to be a good influence on other young people and hopefully, help to prevent some of my mistakes reoccur in their lives. I joined an organization called Youth for Christ; they had a big reputation for reaching young people.  My friend and I enlisted the same day; we saw many delightful testimonies there.

My friend and I rented a large house and would often invite troubled teens to live with us. It was a tough time, yet exciting and fulfilling. We managed to get the youths involved in a program through Youth for Christ called Worth Unlimited where they worked and learned some life and social skills. One of these young people was a young man named Pat Nixon who became the founder of  The Mustard Seed a wonderful organization that ministers to many of our down and trodden out people of society, praise God!

God has done a fantastic work of transformation in my life; I can only thank him and give my life to Him as an expression of gratitude. He set me free from sin, and much more. God has a beautiful plan for each of our lives, His plan goes way beyond our understanding and even beyond our wildest imaginations.

I have been a Christian now for over 40 years now. He has blessed me with a beautiful wife, five great kids and soon to be five grandchildren. He has given me hope and a reason to live.


Drugs brought death and destruction, but Jesus brought life, peace and wholeness. (John 10:10)


Story from Rob, Calgary


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God bless you.