What comes to mind when you think of Easter?

When I think of Easter, I think of…
An incomparable exchange
I think the greatest interception of all times
I think the life of One for All; the blood of the Master for the slaves
I think the celebration of the life we have received.

You see, indomitable kingdoms have reigned
Lionhearted men have stomped territories
Impressive orators have led revolutions
And humanitarian leaders have dazzled the face of the earth
Yet none surrendered themselves

Unimaginable would a king ever surrender the heir to the throne
Unfathomable would the mighty lay down the sword —for the feeble
Unheard of, would the innocent die for the guilty
Still, only Him dared

He is…Unmatched in His giving and unequalled in His love
Unbeatable in might and unassailable in splendour

The only saviour and Lord who rules and reigns forever
Willingly surrendered Himself on the cross

At Easter, I recall that Jesus died so that we may live our lives to the very fullest.
I’m reminded that…Of His fullness we all have received —grace, strength, wisdom, ability, and boldness —grace heaped upon grace. (John 1:16)

Think about it! That from the very source of life Himself, the very spring of wisdom, forgiveness, creativity, inspiration; we have direct access to firsthand grace, forgiveness, wisdom, inspiration… Isn’t that amazing?

And that our dreams remain not only dreams.

But dreams now morphing into wellsprings, bringing hope, nourishment, and healing to the nations.

When I think Easter, I think of life, resurrection, and hope; I think of dreams coming to life again.
And in speaking of dreams, I am beyond elated to share a release of my debut, a song the Lord put in my mouth.  To be released on Easter Sunday. God is greatly to be praised, Indeed!

Check out the video here