Father's Day

Father’s Day Poem


Farther back when time began

Long before any man or clan

The timeless father conceived a plan

The All- glorious, exalted father

From whom flows all splendour, grandeur and power

Proceeded to father the first father

Adam, from whom springs forth offsprings of life


To the father of all creation, the first father of all

 Today, we say thank you!

 And to all who fathered a child

 To those who mended, fended and tended a child. We say thank you!


 Presented with the fall, it was time to present the One and only begotten of the father,

 Jesus! the One, visible image of the invisible Father; the very effulgence of His majesty

 To shine His sun, so all might become sons

 To bestow upon them dignity, He bore their infirmity

 To restore their serenity, He gave them His identity

 To reinstate their divinity, He took their obscenity


 To the One and only true light, we say thank you

 And to indomitable fathers who shine their lights every day

 To fathers who lead in someway,

 To first responders, military personnel, to the frontline workers. We say thank you.

  Unfettered in His love, He left His throne for the tomb

 Their cane He took for their pain

 Their shame He took for their blame

 All this, to father fatherless sons


To this end, we hail the Son of man

 And then we salute the sons of men

 Those heroes who’ve lost lives in place of children and the nation’s


Thank you to husbands who supported sick wives and feeble ones

 Salamat to fathers who showed up

 Tusen takk to fathers who teach us in many ways than one

 Doh je to fathers who crossed rivers and deserts in search of safety for family

 Merci to the babas who upheld special needs children

 Danke schon to our superhero dads who hoisted us on their shoulders and help us see the farther world

 Gamsahabnida to fathers who stood up for what is right

 Spasibo to able fathers who pastor others

 Gracias to supportive fathers who held the fort while spouses were away

 Daalu to doting fathers who held ‘less than’ jobs to make their families ‘all that’

 Thank you for being there!

 Thank you for being present!


Happy Father’s day!