How Strong is your conviction?

It was the discussion I had with a young, new-age lady that stirred up the dust. One point that comes up again and again as I share my faith is that of walking the talk.  “ Many Christians don’t act according to their confession’’ she said. “They live...

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Let’s Talk About It; Confronting Others

Miscommunication in relationships is like Oxygen in water. We all yearn to deeply connect with our friends. How well we manage the inevitable conflicts determines how deeply we’ll we connect with people around us.

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When, God, When? When Waiting Takes Too Long

To everything, there’s a season and a time, including our pains and challenges. Just as a pregnant woman will not carry her baby forever, so are there due dates to our struggles. The real question is not when will this end, but will we abort the baby before its due time? Will we be prepared when delivery time is set?

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Time is Ticking! How are you spending yours?

“When you kill time, remember that it has no resurrection.” ― A.W. Tozer

Do you have regrets about wasted time and opportunities? I know I do. I can think of many occasions, I squandered my time on meaningless pursuits.

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What if We Stopped for the One

How would we live our lives if we realized that we carried in us pieces of answers to people’s problems?
What if we deliberately decide to notice people’s pain? What if our plans occasionally get interrupted? Would it mean something to us that stopping for the “one” might pull them, a step closer to the father’s love?

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In Christ We Have Access To All We Need; Are We Maximizing the Benefits?

Why are many Christians broken and beaten up in life? Some are battered in the workplace, in relationships, in finances, in marriage, in career, and in many other areas. I shudder to think that the Christian life is a drag for many of us. If this is true, why is it so? What could possibly be the reason? Please read more in blog

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