When we lived in Norway, we had this close family friend. We didn’t have to make any extreme arrangements before inviting them to our house.
I didn’t have to turn my house upside down in a panic to make the house perfect for their visit. We knew each other’s weaknesses and somehow have come to accept each other. I’ve seen their rooms in less than perfect states before, and so have they, ours.
We had this deep respect and understanding for each other that went beyond putting up a superficial front. On the other hand, they’re people I wouldn’t dare want to catch my house messy. There are rooms I’d never take them to, at least not in its untidy state. With the first, I could let them into all rooms in my house but with the second, I selected the rooms I’d let them in. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.
I woke up this morning with some angry feelings as a result of a mistake I made yesterday. As I mulled over it, I began to trace the root of the problem. It led me to this scripture: “Those who are controlled (dominated) by the sinful nature think about sinful things, but those who are controlled (dominated) by the Holy Spirit think about things that please the Spirit”. Romans 8:5

This also means…

– To the extent we are controlled (influenced) by the Holy Spirit, to that extent, our thoughts (and actions) will please Him —If I relinquish 30% control to the Holy Spirit, He will influence 30% of my life.
– The areas in our lives we allow the Holy Spirit to influence will be the areas, our thoughts and actions will please Him
– The rooms and sections of our lives we choose to allow the Holy Spirit access would be the areas He’ll be able to influence.
Thinking of that, I realized, I had not allowed the Holy Spirit to influence that area of my life, at least, not 100% control. Hence my actions.


How much longer would I bear this?

Many times, I noticed there are areas we’ve been able to give control to God while we struggle in others. I know that’s the case for me.
I’ve found myself countless times being more gracious with others than I have been with those very close —especially my kids and husband.
Could it be that we’ve seen enough of their faults that we’ve thrown all subtlety out the window? Like Peter, who was weary of extending any more grace, are we secretly asking Jesus, how many times will I have to forgive my brother? 7 times? Matthew 18:21
In these moments, the Holy Spirit kept saying “relinquish control to me “. “I will help you,” says Isaiah 44:2. Don’t try to make things happen in your might — anger, throwing tantrums, self-pity, manipulation, complaining and making harsh statements.
I must humbly accept God’s word in any area of challenge in my life. Diligently feeding on God’s word in that area until I become like Christ. We know we are growing when we don’t get irritated by things that previously irritated us. Sometimes God wouldn’t change the difficult situation but wants us to change our attitude to the problem. He wants us to have Perfect Peace in Him (John 16:33).  Not because everything is Perfect but because He is our Prince of Peace.
The change I want to see must first begin with Me!
How have you, trying to control your life affected you in the past? We would love to read your comments. God bless you!