Are you too busy to spend quality time with God every day?

Like many people, I was busy.

My life was a whirlwind from 2013 through 2016.

With an ongoing  Master’s degree and four kids, including twin toddlers, and a baby, I grappled to keep all the plates spinning.

I was often pressed for time, short on sleep and constantly walked on a treadmill of chores. However, the faster the plates spun, the faster my impatience grew.


Until one day,  an incident changed my life.

That Autumn morning, I scurried into the kitchen as I always did, juggling to feed my four kids before I would hastily ship them off to kindergarten. I would have then rushed off to the train station, so I wouldn’t miss the train that took me to my school, the University of Oslo, Norway.

That fateful day, in the middle of that busy morning, my oldest daughter — around age  6 or 7 at the time — flopped her hands and spilled her cup of milk onto the floor.

Now, at this point, steam was pretty much coming out of my ears. A few minutes I waste and I’ll miss my train.  I hate to admit it. but without thinking,  I lashed out like a mad woman.  And I spanked my daughter.


A mountain of guilt haunted me over the next few days. How did I become this surly and irritable mother?

That was when I knew things had to change. I finally heeded the Lord’s prodding to prioritize daily meditations in the Word. To meditate first thing every day even if my house was dripping with chores.

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That time was when I discovered and started using the SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer) bible study method. I devoted 30 minutes daily to studying the scriptures.  As I meditated daily I improved in three (3) striking ways.

  1. I learned more about God and myself, and I maximized my time.
  2. Impulsiveness reduced, as I processed my thoughts and emotions better.
  3. I became a lot more focused, structured, and efficient in my other responsibilities.

That’s why in this blog post, I share below an example of the SOAP bible study method  + FREE
SOAP printable resource (Bottom).

See the infographics below ( click the infographic and the next arrow for the 2nd page)


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