The Christian is no better than a non-Christian, but he is infinitely better off. It is like two men on a plane, one of whom is wearing a parachute while the other is not. Neither is better than the other, but the man with the parachute is certainly better off than the man who is not wearing a parachute. The difference will be seen when they jump from the plane at 20,000 feet. Jesus warned that if we “jump” into death without Him, we would perish. Culled from the School of Biblical Evangelism.




A Good Person


In a recent discussion with Dan a tall, smart-looking, teenager whom I met by the church walkway. We talked school, life and then God. As our talk traversed to morality, — right, wrong, and being good — Dan my new acquaintance revealed to me he was as good as most Christians.  ‘’ I am better than many people I know,” he maintains.   ”I try my best to be good. I tell a few lies occasionally; I curse a mite. However, I also do many good things: I volunteer ofttimes and usually donate to charity. I believe my good outweighs my bad, therefore I am a good person ‘’ He pronounced.


As genuine as Dan sounded, I see two misconceptions with this thinking. First, this reasoning exalts the idea that the law is a checklist for salvation. Second, this thinking exonerates the offender based on the feelings and perceptions of the same offender. Imagine with me that you accidentally poured a cup of filthy water or slurry on the dark-colored clothes you had on. This dirt, as filthy and horrible as it was, may not be obvious on that piece of clothing. You can quickly try to wipe off the filth off your cloth without it showing off as many dents and stains. Now, conjecture you pour this same dirty fluid on your immaculate white cloth. A drop of this fluid is likely to draw attention to the mess. The white clothing screams, help! I’m stained. I’m dented. I’m filthy.




The Law Highlights Sin


The law is like that immaculate white cloth. The same filthy liquid – that was tucked away by the dark colored material is highly accentuated by the pure white clothing. The law makes sin exceedingly sinful. When you and I engage in that ‘’tiny sin’’ – tell a little lie, gossip a little, shortchange our employer’s time and resources for personal time and benefit, take a sneak peek at that porn, lust for what others have, commit adultery or fornication, use the Lord’s name in vain. To you and I — the corrupt dark-colored piece of clothing. It appears as nothing; we understate wickedness and ill (Psalm 14:1) saying things like: It affects no one; no one sees it, it’s nothing; it feels good.




”Nothing in all of creation is hidden. Everything is laid bare before the eyes of whom we must give account ” (Hebrew 4:13). Now, because that ”tiny sin ‘ is exceedingly sinful in the eyes of God and because God is Holy, just and righteous, God must punish every wrong. Hence the payment of all sin is death (Romans 6:23)—sickness, dis -ease, confusion, pain, frustration, temporal and eternal condemnation and separation from God the source of life. In the same breath, God is exceedingly merciful and loving. He does not want for any of us to be subjected to the penalty of sickness, dis-ease, confusion, pain, frustration and eternal condemnation. God offered his son Jesus Christ who completely fulfilled ALL the law. And by extension, when we place faith in Jesus Christ, we satisfy the law in and through Jesus Christ (Romans 8:4).




The Good News


This is a gift. Not a reward, an entitlement or a salary. For God the father made Jesus Christ who knew no sin to be sin for you and me, so that we can be made right with God (2 Cor 5:21). In other-
words, Jesus took upon Himself your ”tiny sin” The gossip, those evil inclinations of your heart, the backbiting, the fornication, homosexuality, pornography. He was punished for your sake so that your death penalty — sickness, dis -ease, confusion, pain, frustration, temporal and eternal separation from the source of life — is totally cancelled and annulled in Him.


 We must not reduce godliness to deeds but to an unwavering, consistent desire for more of Jesus Christ.


For the non-christian, who accepts this free gift, he dies to the law through the crucified body of Christ. Meaning that he no longer looks to the law in and by itself to justify him. When he yields, — surrenders, bows, clings, unites to Christ Jesus, the one who was raised from the dead, then he begins to bear good fruit for God (Romans 7:4). My friend, if you haven’t already, will you choose to unite with Christ Jesus today and be discharged from the power of sin and addiction? Are you tired of the life of purposelessness, a life of fear, anxiety, panic, frustration, apathy, guilt, bondage and fear of death? What will you lose if you place your confidence in the one who’s lived long enough to know the end of a mere mortal? What will you give in exchange for your soul? (Mark 8:37). What would be your destination when you jump into death without Jesus Christ?


The Decision


This makes grace truly amazing: that Jesus takes all your rebellion and my pride, your filthy sexual perversions and my stinking self-righteousness and nailed them to the cross so that you and I can be made right with Him. If you totally surrender (give in, yield, submit, succumb) your whole existence —your thoughts, your time, your resources, your words, your relationships — to Him. If you accept this gift by making Jesus your Lord, your master and your teacher, Jesus will give you a new heart and a new desire (Ezekiel 36:26). Yes! He replaces all those mental strongholds of suicidal thoughts and anxiety and gives you His own thoughts, His own life. He makes you right with Him.


If you want to receive this gift of eternal life, please say this out loud (Romans 10:10) to the Lord right where you are. ‘’I am a sinner lost in wickedness and confused in darkness. I have sinned against you by my —-(name your sins). Please forgive me dear Jesus. Have mercy on me. I am very sorry for my sins against you. I today acknowledge that you are the son of God. You came to this world, and you took my sin so I don’t have to pay for them. I accept you today as my Lord and personal savior. This means that You will be my master and that you’ll be in charge of my life. I will devote time in study of your word to know you more. Please help me Lord.’’


If you declared this by faith and really meant what you said. You are now a child of God and are now (already) saved (Rom 10:10).
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